Organization of business meetings and events in Moscow — promptly, professionally
Negotiation and conclusion of agreements are important stages in the development of any business that are given special attention. One of the issues to be solved during their preparation is the choice of an ideal platform. The ideal option for you is the Borodino Hotel, located almost in the heart of Moscow between Sokolniki and Krasnoselskaya metro stations.

Organizing business events with us is key to their success
Renting a hall in the Borodino Business Hotel is financially advantageous and convenient for a number of reasons. The main reason is the location at a short distance from the historical center of the metropolis. This aspect attracts potential clients more than others. Our halls are within walking distance of Sokolniki and Krasnoselskaya metro stations, have good transport access and are located in an area with high business activity.

Rent a conference halls at the Borodino Business Hotel

— for any period of time and extend it if necessary for a small fee;
— with a capacity of 9 to 550 people;
— with all the necessary equipment for business meetings.

The organization of business meetings and events is a rather complicated process, which requires enormous time and labor costs, so it should be entrusted to professionals. All you will need to do is to choose a suitable conference package, which will include both the rent of the hall and many other additional services (up to booking rooms for your guests' accommodation, catering, etc.).

Flawless service and generous hospitality
Work we have a great experience in organizing meetings during our, seminars and other business events at the highest level and we are ready to take on the project of any complexity. You will find it here:

— service according to the highest European standards;
— An impressive level of service;
— modern technical base.

Order the organization of business events with us, and we will create the best conditions for the reception of your guests in Moscow. All our halls are equipped with the necessary audio and projection equipment. Adjustment and service are engaged in our experts.

You can use a large screen, modern projector and sound system. Each hall has Wi-Fi, which allows you to broadcast the conference to any city in the world.

When organizing long-term conferences, we are ready to organize for your guests a coffee break (one or two — at the choice of the client) and even lunch. We select a unique menu corresponding to the direction and scale of the planned event for each package.

Borodino Business Hotel is equipped with everything you need and is ready to host events of various formats: from forums to social events. All of them will be held at the highest level.