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Rules of providing hotel services in Hotel «Borodino»

The present document was developed in accordance with the Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation, approved by the Decree of the  Government of the Russian Federation from 09.10.2015 № 1085, as at present in  force, and Federal Law of the Russian Federation «About the Protection of  Consumers' Rights”.

1.The basic concepts used in these rules

1.1. Hotel is a nonresidential building and adjacent territory located at the following address: Moscow, Rusakovskaya str., 13/5.

1.2. Administration of the hotel – general   director of  LLC “Hospitality Group Borodino” managing the hotel on basis of power of attorney.

1.3. Guest — a person who has intention to receive hotel services or  the person being on the territory of hotel and using in advance paid hotel services and other services of hotel.

1.4. Visitor — a person being on the hotel territory, using hotel services, without accommodation.

1.5. Hotel services are basic hotel services (providing guest with  room (bed) for temporary residence in the hotel, as well as other activities related to the stay and temporary accommodation). Room rare includes the  accommodation in the needed room category, internet use, and value added tax. Services provided to the Guest according to the signed contract. 

1.6. Additional services are the hotel  services which do not  belong to basic services (restaurants, massages etc.) shall be ordered and paid  by the customer separately;

1.7. Room is a separate furnished room, consisting of one or several rooms, equipped and intended for temporary residence;

1.8. Contract for the provision of hotel services for individuals is  a form established by the hotel (guest registration card), which provides confirmation of guest stay by the receipt or other payment document.

The contract on providing hotel services for legal entities is signed with  the indication of the legal name of the company, the legal address and number of the settlement account, with the authorized person signature (the head of  the organization), and sealed;

1.9. Rude violation of  the accommodation rules in the hotel

— a situation in which the behavior of the guest ( visitor ) prevents the  hotel administration / or hotel stuff to perform their duties properly to  ensure a relaxing stay and accommodation of other guests ( visitors) or  contrary to the internal rules and regulations, and generally accepted moral and ethical standards;

— a situation in which the behavior (actions) of the guest (visitor) insulted the honor and dignity of hotel stuff and / or other guests (visitors), and he (the guest and / or visitor) repeatedly infringes this Rules (hereinafter — Rules) and doesn’t comply with applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

— smoking in the non-smoking areas

2.     General Clauses

2.1. These rules are for all guests (visitors) staying on the hotel territory.

2.2. Each guest (visitor) without exception has to be acquainted with these rules and obey them for the entire period of accommodation (stay) in Hotel.

3.     Terms of services rendering in the hotel

3.1. Check in and accommodation in the Hotel are possible on presentation by  Guests and/or Visitor of the following documents:

3.1.1.     For Russian Federation citizen — the passport for the citizen of the Russian Federation; if guest/visitor has failed to  provide it, he/she can present the documents of identification in accordance with Attachment №1 to the present Rules.

3.1.2.     For the  foreign citizens foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation according to the procedure not  requiring receipt of a visa:

— Passport for foreign citizen or other document identifying a foreign citizen’s personality which is recognized in accordance with the international agreement of the Russian Federation (Article 10 № 115−FZ dated 25.07.02 “On the  legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation”).

— migration card with a record of a border check point on entrance of the  foreign citizen into the territory of the Russian Federation or with a record of the territorial body of a federal executive body in the sphere of migration on issuance of the above mentioned migration card  to the foreign citizen

The time term for a temporary stay in the Russian Federation of foreign citizen who has arrived in the Russian Federation in the order not requiring the receipt of a visa cannot exceed 90 (ninety) days with the exception of the  cases stipulated by the Federal Law № 115 dated 25.07.02 “On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation”. In these cases foreign citizen shall present documents confirming prolongation of a temporary stay in the  Russian Federation (the work permit, the permit for temporary residence, the  residence permit etc.)

3.1.3.     Foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation according the procedure requiring receipt of a visa:

— passport of foreign citizen or other document established by the Federal Law or recognized in conformity with  the international agreement of the  Russian Federation as the document identifying a foreign citizen’s personality (Article 10 № 115−FZ dated 25.07.02 “On the legal status of foreign citizens in  the Russian Federation”).

— migration card with a record of a border check point on entrance of the  foreign citizen into the territory of the Russian Federation or with a record of the territorial body of a federal executive body in the sphere of migration on issuance of the abovementioned migration card to the foreign citizen (article 1 № 115−FZ dated 25.07.02 “On the legal status of foreign citizens in  the Russian Federation”).

— document which confirms the right for staying (living) in the Russian Federation (visa, a temporary residence permit, the residence permit and other documents confirming the right of foreign citizen for temporary stay  in  the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation). (Decree dated 15.01.2007 N 9 “ On migration registration of  foreign citizen and stateless person in the Russian Federation”) The time term  for a temporary stay in the Russian Federation of foreign citizen who has  arrived in the Russian Federation in the order requiring the receipt of a visa  is determined by the term of validity of the visa issued to him with the  exception of the cases stipulated by the Federal Law ( as amended by the  Federal Law dated 19.05.2010 N 86−FZ)

3.1.4.     For stateless citizens:

-the certificate of the refugee or other document issued by the foreign state and recognized according to the international treaty of the Russian Federation as an identification paper of the stateless person;

— temporary residence permit;

— residence permit;

— other documents in accordance with the Federal Law or international agreement of the Russian Federation as the document identifying a stateless person’s personality (Article 10 № 115−FZ dated 25.07.02 “On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation”).

3.1.5.     Children up to 18 years, may check-in to the  hotel only accompanied by parents on presentation of the passport and/or birth certificate, for relationship definition. In case of check-in to the hotel with  the attendant it is necessary to show the notarized power of attorney for the  attendant from the parent, with the copy of the birth certificate and/or the  passport (Art. 26 and 28 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

3.2. Check in time is 15.00, check out time is until 12.00

Accommodation fee is charged in accordance with check out time-from 14.00 local time.

 Accommodation until 14−00 (from 08 a.m. till 14 p.m.) is charged as  50% from the first night rate. Breakfast must be paid separately.

 In case of late checkout payment for accommodation is charged in the  following order:

From 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. is 50% from the daily rate;

From 6 p.m., the payment will be charged for the full day.

For stays of less than a day (24 hours) payment is charged as per the day  regardless of the checkout time.

3.3. The hotel provides Guests with the following free services:

— „emergency“ call

— taxi call;

— room delivery of correspondence;

— safe deposit boxes;

— wake-up call;

— set of Hotel dishes and cutlery

3.4. Room price is in rubles and according to the submitted price list for  Hotel services confirmed by Hotel Administration.

Payment for the hotel services (including additional services) is made in  rubles using the following methods of payment:

3.4.1.     by cash:

— If the payment is made by cash the Guests are obliged to make a deposit for all days of staying*

— If the Guest orders additional services he/she is obligated to pay a  deposit of 5,000 (five thousand) * rubles at the time of check in or pay at the  points of sale  (except laundry and dry cleaning).

3.4.2.     by credit card (including international credit cards);

— In case of payment for hotel accommodation by credit card, the hotel will  authorize the guest's credit card for an amount equal to all days of stay.

— If the guest orders additional services, the guest is obliged to provide the hotel with bank card for authorization of an amount equal to 5000 (five thousand) rubles* during check in or pay the rendered services at the points of  sale (except laundry and dry cleaning).

3.4.3.     bank settlement (by bank transfer to the  current account of LLC «Hospitality Group Borodino») is made 3 (three) days  before guests check in. Except of the case when the guest has the agreement with post payment conditions.

*All additional services may be charged to the guest’s room account only  if the guest made a deposit. If the guest’s limit is exceeded the hotel staff have the right to „freeze“ the amount on guest bank card in the amount exceeding the limit and required deposit (5000 rub.), and in the case of cash  payment to suspend all additional services until further payment.

3.5. Payment for accommodation of children of the age under 8 (eight) years on the same bedding in the same room with parents (guardians) is free of  charge. In case of providing additional bedding fee is charged according to the  price list for hotel accommodation.

3.6. In case of check out of the guest in before the time specified in the  paid account, he should fill in an application form for refund and the  completed expendable order form, unless otherwise provided by the terms of  reservation and / or contract. We don’t refund money for hotel services rendered (including accommodation). (p. 32 „Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation“ approved by the Government decree from 09.10.2015 г. № 1085.)

4.     Hotel policies

4.1. In accordance with the Rules of hotel services rendering in the Russian Federation, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 09.10.2015 № 1085 the Guest is obliged to comply with the rules of  staying in hotel and fire safety regulation.

4.2. Guests may have visitors who are not the guests of the hotel with the  preliminary agreement with the administration of the hotel.  The  administration allows the guests to invite visitors until 10 p.m. If visitors would like to stay in the hotel after 10 p.m. then their further staying at the  hotel is possible only in case of registration. The visitor shall present his  passport or other document identifying personality*.

*In this case the visitor is given the invoice for payment for additional person in accordance with hotel price list.

— If the visitor has failed to provide it, administration/ hotel stuff has  the right to forbid the stay in the hotel.

— These conditions are necessary to ensure safety of guests’ personal possessions, hotel’s property and also to observe the duty of registration of the citizens.

4.3. In accordance with the article 925 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the administration of the hotel guarantees safety of guests’ personal possessions which are in their rooms with exception of money, other currency values, securities and other precious things.

— Items/things which are given to hotel staff or left in the room or other designated place are considered as entered in the hotel.

— The hotel is responsible for the loss of money, currency, securities and  other valuables in case they have been accepted by the hotel for storage  

— The guest who has found out loss or damage of his possessions during 24  hours from the moment of loss or damage shall inform administration of the  hotel. Otherwise the hotel is not responsible for not keeping of possessions.

— In case of detection of any lost items/things or documents, left by guest after his departure the administration of the hotel shall notify of it the  owner (guest/visitor). After a guest has checked out, return of guest’s lost  items/things is at his expense. If the owner is not found, the hotel administration shall notify in some cases of it the police or local authority.

4.4. The Guest is obliged to:

— close the faucet, windows, turn off the light when leaving the room;

— comply with the established rules of accommodation;

— maintain the cleanliness of the room, keep silence and public order in the room and the hotel;

— strictly observe the rules of fire safety;

— indemnify in case of loss, damage and destruction of the hotel property.

Damage is assessed according to the pricelist for the damage;

— bear responsibility over the actions of the invited guests;

— pay on time  and in full for additional services

4.5. It is forbidden for the guest:

— to leave unauthorized persons in the room and hand the key-card over to them;

— to keep bulky items, flammable materials, weapon (without special allowance),chemical radioactive substances, mercury;

— to use heaters, appliances, if they are not provided in the room;

— to disturb the guests in adjacent rooms

— to have visitors who are not the guests after 22.00 to 06.00

— to break silence and intrude upon other  guest’s leisure from 23.00 to 08.00

— to keep/bring animal (pets) anywhere on the hotel territory, except the  guide dogs

— From 01.06.2014 in accordance with the clause 5 part 1 article 12 the  Federal Law dated 23.02.2013 N 15−FZ “About health protection of citizens from  impact of environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of consumption of  tobacco” smoking is forbidden anywhere on the hotel territory. Also it is  forbidden to smoke electronic cigarettes, all types of a hookah and other simulators (substitutes) of process of smoking of tobacco. Smoking of tobacco and simulators (substitutes) of process of smoking of tobacco is allowed only  in the smoking areas which are specially equipped and intended for this purpose in the open air designated by the information sign „Smoking area“.

4.6. During check out guest is obliged to pay for the provided hotel services by cash or bank card. In case of nonpayment for the services rendered by the guest or the company –customer in accordance with the contract on  rendering of the services, the hotel reserves the right to charge guest’s bank  card preliminary authorized.

4.7. The hotel may terminate the contract for services unilaterally or  refuse to renew the period of residence in case of violation of the  accommodation rules, untimely payment for the hotel services, material damage to the hotel caused by the guest/visitor/ their animals.

5.     Rights and obligations of the hotel administration

5.1. Hotel administration must place the following information in convenient public location and provide immediately upon client’s request: Rules of  providing hotel services; Pricelist for rooms and additional services; information about the legal entity — „Hospitality Group Borodino“ LLC (State Registration Certificate of legal entity, Certificate of registration with a  tax authority, Charter, Certificate on awarding hotel category).

5.2. The Hotel is obliged to inform guests upon their check-in about provided main and additional services, payment order, and provide any extra chargeable services in accordance with the approved Price list.

5.3. The Hotel is obliged to ensure that each guest room has: Fire safety information and Evacuation plan.

5.4. The Hotel administration has the right to change the room provided to  the guest and demand the immediate vacation of occupied  by the guest premises in case of the urgent need for emergency repair, sanitary and  epidemiological and other measures aimed to eliminate reasons which cause threat and interfere  normal (quality and safe) use of the room.

5.5. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without giving any reasons.

5.6. The Hotels administration has the right to refuse guest to provide services and to check out guest from the hotel in case of violation of present Rules, in case of late payment for any additional services, in case of  aggressive behavior addressed to the hotel personnel or other hotel guests, or  actions that threaten the safety of health and/or property of others.

5.7. In the case of major violation of conduct rules or safety rules by  the  guest , the hotel administration has the right to refuse further stay  in the hotel with the obligatory drawing up the Act and, if necessary, involving representatives of competent authorities and  imposing penalties.

5.8. The hotel provides full compliance with Health Inspection Services regulations and other standard regulations related to quality of services provided in the Hotel.

5.9. The Hotel provides privacy of hotel guests and visitors data.

5.10.      Hotel agrees to respond at the  appropriate time to the guest request regarding any inconvenience or breakages in the room.

5.11.      The Hotel takes no responsibility for  the operation of urban services (Emergency disconnection of electricity, heat or water).

5.12.      The guest takes into consideration and  doesn't object to the fact that CCTV video recording is done in the premises Hotel (except for rooms). The CCTV video recording is established for safety of  guests (visitors) of the Hotel and their property. The administration of Hotel guarantees confidentiality of the records received during video surveillance. Access to the specified records is possible only by motivated legitimate inquiry of the appropriate government bodies in the cases established by the  legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.     The procedure for dispute resolution

6.1. The Guestbook is at the reception in the customers’ corner.

6.2. Requirements and complaints are considered by hotel according to the  current legislation of the Russian Federation depending on character (look) of  the requirement and/or the complaint.

6.3. In case of claims from the guest / visitor, the hotel administration shall take all possible measures for the settlement of conflict, provided by  the legislation. If the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the  guest must present their claims in writing to the name of the general director of the hotel. In case of failure to comply with this condition, the  hotel administration can fully or partially reject the claim.

6.4. In cases that are not covered by these Rules, the administration and  consumer are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.



Documents of identification of the citizen of the Russian Federation permanently residing on the territory of the Russian Federation:

— Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. It is  issued to a person of the Russian Federation 14 years of age. Internal passports have to be renewed at 20 and 45 years of age.

Decree of the president of the Russian Federation from 13.03.1997 N 232 “  About main identity document providing the identity of the citizen of the  Russian Federation outside of the Russian Federation

-birth certificate for persons under 14 years of age with a note of  residence (in accordance with the Federal law “Civil status act” from November 15, 1997  № 143−FZ

— Seaman’s passport (from 2014- seaman’s identity document). Bases: Order of the government of the Russian Federation from18.08.2008 N 628(as amended from 21.03.2013) “About Regulations on the identity certificate of the  seaman, Regulations on the seaworthy book, the sample and the description of  the form of the seaworthy book»;

-military ID, for persons performing military status (officers, ensigns, warrant officers)

Bases: Order of the government of the Russian Federation from 12.02.2003 N  91 (as amended from 27.11.2006) “About Regulations on the identity certificate of  the military man of the Russian Federation”;

— Temporary identity card of a Russian Federation citizen according to  Form 2P (for the period of issue/ re-issue of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation). Bases: Order of the government of the Russian Federation from 08.07.1997 N 828 (as amended from 18.02.2014) “On approval of  regulations about the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation samples and descriptions of blanks of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation” and

Also the Order of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation from 30.11.2012 N 391 “About approval of Administrative regulations on  provision by the Federal Migration Service of the state service in issue and  re-issue to citizens passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation”;

— identification card for soldiers, sailors, sergeants, foremen doing compulsory military service or contract enlisted service). Bases: Order of  the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation from 19.11.2007 N 500 (as  amended on 21.05.2012) «About Measures for the Implementation of the Order of  the Government of the Russian Federation from November 27, 2006 N 719 in the  Military Forces of the Russian Federation „

— Service certificate of prosecutor. Bases: Federal Law “On the  procuracy of the Russian Federation” from January 17, 1992 № 2202−1.;

— foreign passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation (only for the citizen of the Russian Federation constantly living abroad, with an embassy or consulate mark about registration in a stay  place) Bases: Order of the Ministry of Justice from 29.11.2011 N 412 „On  approval of the Administrative Regulation on the provision of public services on the state registration of acts of civil status by authorities carrying out  state registration of acts of civil status in the territory of the Russian Federation.“;



— diplomatic, foreign and business passports are documents of identification of the citizen of the Russian Federation residing outside the Russian Federation. Bases: The Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 21.12.1996 N 1752 (as amended on 22.10.2009) „About the basic documents of  identification of the citizen of the Russian Federation residing outside the  Russian Federation”